Kristina Joergensen (Denmark) named MVP of EHF Women’s 19 EURO

The final event of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO was the award ceremony for the best players in the championship. The top goalscorer was Sorina Maria Tirca (Romania) with 56 goals in 7 matches, whereas Charlotte Kieffer (France) was voted the best defensive player.

France is the European champion!

The EHF Women’s 19 EURO is finished. France won the title after defeating Russia in the final (31:26). Bronze medal was won by Denmark.

France and Russia for the title of European Champions

On the last day of EHF WOMEN’S 19 EURO we will get final desitions on the games from 1st till 8th place.

Eight teams completed with the championship

Eight teams finished the EHF Women’s 19 EURO at the Zlatorog hall on Saturday. The teams were fighting for places 9–16.

Teams will start with placement matches

Today we will se teams which are playing placement matches from 9 till 16 place. We will start with match for 15th place, at 12.00, and finish with match for 9th place, at 19.30.

Romania and Sweden will play for the 9th place on Saturday

In their penultimate matches of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO, Romania, Sweden, Croatia and Portugal recorded wins. Romania and Sweden will play for the 9th place, and Croatia and Portugal will play for the 13th place.

Russia and France finalists of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO

Both semi-final matches are finished, with Russia and France advancing to the finals. Russia defeated Denmark 28:27, and France defeated Hungary 31:28. The final match will be played on Sunday, 6 August at 17:30 at the Zlatorog hall.

Friday is a day for semifinal

Till the end of the championship are just three more days and two more games for the girls. Don't miss the games and watch it online.

Priceless contribution to the championship made by boys and girls in the background

A big handball event is coming to a close in Slovenia in these days. From 27 July to Sunday, 6 August, the Golovec and Zlatorog halls in Celje are hosting the EHF Women’s 19 EURO featuring 16 best European teams.

Ecimovic still the best goalkeeper, Cviji the best goal scorer

EHF Women’s 19 EURO is slowly coming to its conclusion, with only three days remaining to determine the final standings. Hungary will play against France and Russia will play against Denmark in semi-final matches on Friday, 4 August, at 17:00 and 19:00 at the Zlatorog Hall, which will also be streamed live. Norway, Germany, Montenegro and Netherlands will play placement matches 5–8, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden will play placement matches 9–12, and Croatia, Serbia, Portugal and FYR Macedonia will play placement matches 13–16.

France wins in decisive match, Denmark also advances to semi-final

In a decisive match in group M2, France beat Montenegro and deservedly qualified for the semi-final of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO. Denmark also advanced to the semi-final as the undefeated team in group M2, Germany and Montenegro will fight for the 5th place.

Hungary and Russia are semi-finalist

The main round matches in group M1 are completed and the two semi-finalists are Hungary and Russia. Hungary will play against France on Friday at 17:00 and Russia will face Denmark on Friday at 19:00.

Get know Croatian handball player Tena Japundza

Team Croatia is now playing intermediate round, because they were lost their last game in group round against Russia. But anyway they have a few good handball players, including Tena Japundza, which you can see in the video below.

Today we will get semifinalists

On EHF Women's 19 EURO 2017 handball players will play second round in main and intermediate rounds. In groups M1 and M2 we will get semifinalists.

Denmark wins a stunner at Golovec hall

The second phase of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO started today. Montenegro continues to surprise, as it started the main round of the championship with a win (27:23). Denmark also celebrated a win (27:25) against France in a real stunner. In placement matches 9–16, first wins were recorded by Portugal and Spain.

Reistad leads Norway to win

The first match in group M1 saw Norway beat the Netherlands 32:29, with great performance by Henny Elle Reistad. In the second match, Hungary celebrated a surprising 27:24 win against Russia.

Team are starting with main and intermediate round

After group round and free day, on Tuesday handball players are starting with second part of the championship. Teams that were on first two places in their own group will play in group M1 and M2, teams that were third and fourth will play in group I1 and I2.

After group round Housheer the best goal scorer and Ecimovic the best goalkeeper

The group phase of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO tournament is finished. The first two teams from each group advanced to groups M1 and M2, where they will fight for the medals, while the last two teams from each group will play placement matches 9–16 in groups I1 and I2. The following teams will be fighting for the medals: Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany and Montenegro.

France and Denmark flawless in group phase

The group phase of the EHF Women’s 19 EURO tournament is finished. In groups C and D, undefeated France and Denmark, and Germany and Montenegro with two wins qualified for the main round. Spain, Serbia, Portugal and Slovenia will start placement matches for the 9th place on Tuesday.

Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and Norway among top 8 teams

The teams finished the preliminary round and will start the main round after a day off. Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia and Norway from groups A and B secured a place among the top eight teams of the championship.

EHF WOMEN'S 19 EURO 2017 - DAY 3

On Sunday handball players will play the last games in group round of EHF Women’s 19 EURO 2017. On all the games in hall Zlatorog and Golovec you can is free entrance, and also, all the games will be streamed live. You can find live stream via followed link.

Amazing fans in Celje from all over Europe

Team supporters are with the players through bad and good. Fans in Celje make great atmosphere!

Spain eases past tired Serbia

France took the second win at the EHF Women’s 19 EURO in Celje. Germany had a chance to tie the game with seven seconds to play, but the goalkeeper Roxanne Frank saved her team again (24:23). The home Slovenian team got the first win; Spain and Denmark also recorded a win.

Romanian goalkeeper’s excellent saves key to win

After starting off slowly, The Romanian team picked up their game and defeated the Swedish team (26:23) with the help of the goalkeeper Daciana Hosu, who was named the Romanian player of the match.

EHF Women's 19 Euro 2017 - Day 2